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Monday, May 30, 2011

Strike ???

Hey Everyone ;o) I hope you're having a wonderful day! It's been hot here and we are getting hotter! Heat wave is now upon us! Just to let everyone know, I put my shop back on vacation mode! The postal people have set a pending strike for Thursday June 2nd at midnight! Please send out some good thoughts! No Strike ;o)))

Blessings everyone ;o)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Crow Aceo, Medusa Crow

Hey Everyone ;o)  This aceo is "Medusa Crow" ;o)

Oh, just to let you all know, my store is open again! There is still no news about the postal strike!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stinky Flower and New Art ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all having a nice day! It's raining here, again! They are calling for a heat wave next week, so we will see what happens?

My mom two years ago, bought these very large bulbs. Almost the size of a baseball. I don't know the name of them, but when they bloom, they stink like a skunk! LOL! They are suppose to keep away the mice, deer, rabbits, etc. My mom didn't buy them for that, she just thought they looked pretty. I would like to share some pics of them. I like the one that grew sideways this year!

I found some old pieces of wood and cut them up. I thought, I am going to make some signs out them for my shop. Here is the first one I painted. I think it's cute, enjoy ;o)

And, no word on the postal strike yet. I did put my shop on vacation mode, just in case. Also, thanks so much for all the votes everyone ;o) Hugs ;o) Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time To Vote ;o)

Hey Everyone ;o) It's time to vote on The Aceo Challenge Blog for this month's winner ;o) The theme for this month was, "May Flowers" ;o) Voting begins today and ends 12:01a.m. Eastern Time on May 31st.

Have a great day everyone ;o) And, thanks again for all your help yesterday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Problem Solved! Yeh! And mail strike?

Hi Everyone ;o) Roxanne from Mentalmulch has been helping me out! It's my browser, internet explorer!!! I have now downloaded google chrome and it's working perfect! So, if anyone out there is having this problem, do what I did ;o)
Now, I have heard, that our post office might be going on strike! Which means, they have already started holding back the mail. I will be putting my Etsy store on vacation mode until I know anymore information! Crazy day this is! LOL!
Hugs Everyone ;o)

Re: Please Help

Hey Everyone ;o) Thanks for all your comments ;o) I still can't post ;o( I heard from another girl on Etsy, that she is having the same problem and also Betty, heard the same thing. I promise to catch up with all of you, when I can post something!!! I hope it doesn't take blogger too long ;o( Oh well, back to painting ;o)
Hugs everyone ;o) I truly appreciate your help ;o)

Help Please ;o)

Hey Everyone ;o)

Is anyone having problems posting comments today? I can't post on my blog or on any other blogs??? ;o( I would like to know if it's just me, or is everyone else having the same problem. On no, I just thought, if you are having the same problem as me, you can't write anything! LOL! Oh well, hopefully it's just me and I will get some help ;o) Take Care ;o)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Crow Aceo and a Treasury ;o)


Also, please take a look at this great treasury I was just listed in! Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations is also in this one ;o) Have a great day everyone ;o)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award and New Art! (lots of Pics)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a nice day! It's been sunny here for two days! Yeh! And, it's a long weekend too ;o) Double Yeh!

I have been tagged by three sweet women this week, for the Versatile Blogger Award ;o) So, I thought I would do this all at once ;o) I didn't realize I was so versatile! LOL! Thank-you girls ;o) I appreciate this award ;o) I was first tagged by Magaly from Pagan Culture, then by Tamara from Riding On A Broomstick, and last, but not least, by Mina from Green Witch With Sprinkles ;o)

Rules??? Ummmmm..I don't think there is any rules!! LOL! I am going to tell you three things about me, that you don't know already, hopefully! LOL!

1. This week I sold 2 aceo's to a lady in the Netherlands!! I was so excited! Yeh!
2. I was a plus size model, when I was younger and had hair! LOL! I would do alot of print work, because I wasn't tall enough to do the runway shows. Yep, that's me below ;o)

3. I have been in the newspaper once. A guy I use to know, was starting up his own business, and asked if I would like to be in the newspaper with him. Of course I said yes!!!

Now, I think I am suppose to pass this award on to 10 more wonderful people ;o) I know alot of you have already been tagged, already, so ummmm??? I will pick a few of you, that I think that haven't been. Have fun with the award and I can't wait to read about you ;o)

1. Roxanne from MentalMulch
2. Debbie from CraftyMoose
3. Eimear from Drawn to Fairy tales
4. Donna from The Wood Wife Chronicles
5. Misty from Expressions of a Misty Boston Girl
6. Robin from Wiccan Writes

Now for some new art ;o)
"A modern pow-wow is a specific type of event where both Native and non-Native people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honor Indian culture. There is generally a dancing competition, often with significant prize money awarded. Pow-wows vary in length from one day session of 5 to 6 hours, to three days. Major pow-wows called for a special occasion can be up to one week long."

I have been to several pow-wows and I truly love them! The freedom of the dance. Seeing the beautiful outfits. Hearing the beating of the drum! You let yourself be free and feel your spirit!

Enjoy the aceo's ;o)

And, one more aceo called, My Kingdom ;o) Have a magical weekend everyone ;o)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Freaking Things.....Cuz it's all About Me

Mina, (my virgo friend), from "Green Witch With Sprinkles", has tagged me for a fun little questionarie, called Three Freaking Things. Now as I understand, the original title was Five (or maybe four) Freaking Things, but I am going to follow you Mina ;o) So, I am sticking with 3 ;o)

Three Places I go:
1. The grocery store
2. My gardens
3. My dream world, which can happen at anytime of the day or night

Three Crushes I Have:
1. A person, who I have only met twice. He has eyes, that put fire in my soul and a smile, that makes me glow!
2. When I see older couples, holding hands and kissing.
3. When babies laugh

Three Smells that I Love:
1. Kittens
2. My mom’s homemade bread.
3. The air after a lightning storm.

Three Favorite TV Shows:
1. Supernatural
2. Game Of Thrones
3. Call Me Fitz

Three Favorite Movies:
1. The Man In The Iron Mask
2. Constantine
3. Van Helsing

Three Recommendations:
1. Go For It! Whatever it is, whatever you want to do, do it!
2. Don’t hide who you truly are! Be you! And, be proud!
3. Love with all your soul!

Three People that I’d Love to Read Their 3s or 4s or 5s...
1. Shelle from SunShineShelle
2. Misty from Expressions of a Misty Boston Girl
3. Deborah from My Journey In Bits and Pieces

Three Things about Me that You Don't Know:
1. I still have two more operations to go through.
2. I’m a romantic at heart.
3. I was born with a tooth and a full head of dark black hair! I think I scared my mom! LOL!

Three Bands that I Love:
1. The Black Keys
2. Earth, Wind and Fire
3. The Style Council

Which of my 3s made you say “Yep, that’s sooo Stacy!”?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi Everyone

Well, it's still raining here! From my last post, I see we are all getting lots of rain! I have completed alot of paintings! And, will be sharing lots of pictures with you, when the sun comes out ;o) Untill then, I would like to share some wonderful treasuries I have been featured in ;o) Please take a look ;o) And, Mina, I am still working on, you know what! You will all know what I am talking about soon ;o) Take Care Everyone ;o)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look What I Won ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
I hope you are all having a great week ;o) I was blessed with winning 3 prizes from The Witches In Fiction Party ;o)
The first prize came in the mail today! From Misty! I love Misty's art! She has a beautiful flow to her drawings and paintings and there is alot of feeling in them! Misty was one of the very first people to heart my shop, when I started Etsy! I will never forget that! Thanks Misty ;o)
Ok, now on to my prize! Look at this beautiful drawing! A witch on a broom, with her black cat ;o) Too precious ;o))) I love it!

I also got some extra's! Yeh! A beautiful Spiral Goddess drawing and a special card!

Thanks so much for everything Misty! Hugs ;o) I hope you are all having a special week ;o)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Crow Aceo's

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a great weekend ;o) I would like to share some new aceo's with you ;o) The first one is for the Aceo Challenge Blog. The theme for this month is "May Flowers".

"Relax" "Smell The Flowers"

"The Light From Within"

I want to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day ;o) I will be taking my mom away, sunday to monday. We are going up north, to have some fun and relax ;o) I will catch up with you all, when I get back ;o) Keep On Smiling!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Blossoms

The spring blossoms appear, only after the hard, lonely winter of meditation. Yet, when they peek forth, their appearance is natural, and effortless.
They appear brightly, seemingly out of nothing from bare branches, but all too briefly... then they are gone. Appreciate this very moment. The sheer beauty of colour and perfume, that transports us to a different place.

Have a beautiful day everyone ;o)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Aceo's ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a great day! Last week I was really sick! Lucky I had everything done for the Witches In Fiction blog party, or I wouldn't have been able to do it. I am still not feeling 100%, but I did manage to paint some new aceo's ;o) Enjoy and Keep On Smiling!

"Baby Cowboy Crow"

"Just Married"

"Summer Day"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day (Flower Pictures) ;o)

Happy May Day ;o) Blessings Everyone. I wish you all much happiness and good health. Below are some pictures I just took of one of my mom's favourite plants. She has had it now for over 20 years. When the flowers open, it drips a sticky syrup. Mom doesn't know what kind of plant it is? LOL! If anyone does know, please let me know ;o) I thought these pictures were beautiful to share on such a special day ;o) Enjoy ;o)