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Friday, April 29, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party, Part Four, The Winners Are, And another giveaway

“The Blind Date”
“Part Four”
“The Taza Club and Beyond”

Starla, I have something to share with you, before this evening goes any further. I am totally blind in my right eye and in my left eye, I only see shadows, in the colors of black, and grey.

But???....Xonda said she gave you a picture of me???.. How can you look at me the way you do???....How do you know what I look like???

“Starla, (Dimitris smiles), Xonda told a little lie. She actually gave me a sweater of yours. My senses are very strong. I could pick you out of a million people.”

“I look at you, the way I do, because I do see you, in my own way. I see your amazing soul and how it glitters across this room!”

“I know exactly what you look like. From your curvaceous hips, to your voluptuous breasts, even that cute little bald spot on your head, and your high cheek bones and full lips!”

Starla stands still. She is smiling. A tear runs down her cheek. She doesn’t know what to say to this amazing man. But, she still thinks there is something he isn’t telling her. How could Dimitris’s senses be so strong?

Starla, say something, please!

Dimitris is there something else you forgot to tell me?

Starla, you are a smart woman! Yes, there is. I am a werewolf. Would you like to go howl at the moon with me.


Dimitris takes Starla by the hand and they exit the club. In a flash, they both are standing at the edge of a forest. The moon, gazing down on them.

Dimitris starts to undress Starla. Starla standing nude now, undresses Dimitirs.

They both stand nude in each other’s arms. Starla, knows, he is the one!

Dimitris starts to howl.

Starla smiles, “thanks Xonda”

“The End”

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you liked the story ;o) I really enjoyed writing it and I really enjoyed all your comments! All of you are fantastic!!! Who knows, maybe there will be another chapter ;o)

Now for the winners!!!!! “Pink”- Baby Mina Witch Crow, Yeh Mina!
“Purple” – Baby Theresa Witch Crow, Yeh Theresa!
“Multicolored”- Baby Lee Witch Crow, Yeh Lee!
Please girls contact me through my Etsy shop with your complete address ;o)
I am going to have one more giveaway!!! The party ends May 1st, so that’s when one lucky name will be drawn. And, you will win an aceo of Baby Dimitris Werewolf Crow, howling at the moon ;o) Please make a comment about the story, and you will be entered into the draw ;o) Keep On Smiling ;o)


  1. Um....ok...let me get my thoughts got lost in the story! I really love it Stacy! Great job and congrats to the winners.

  2. Great ending, Stacy! Stacy, writer and author!!! Congratulations to all those who won!!!

  3. Loved the happy ending of your story! Congrats to your lucky winners!

  4. I'm glad Starla found "The One".

  5. Thanks so much Debbie, take care ;o)

  6. Congrats to the winners and to you for a really great story!! I really like the ending and the part about how he could see her 'soul glittering' - that's good stuff - good - good - good!!!

  7. Thanks so much Donna ;o) Glad you liked it! Take Care ;o)

  8. HUBBA HUBBA STACY... I think the next chapter if you write it will need an X-rating LOL... Congrats to the winners too ;)

  9. Great job Stacy....such a great story...this was so much fun!
    Congrats to all the winners!

  10. A man who can see with his heart; Starla you lucky thing!

    Congrats ladies, maybe my baby crow and your baby crows can get together one of these days ;-)

  11. Congrats to the winners! I love the howling crow! I'm glad Muffin can't bark like a would just add to the craziness around here!

  12. LOL! Thanks Shelle ;o) Have a great one ;o) Take Care ;o)

  13. Thanks so much Deborah ;o) I truly appreciate it! Take Care ;o)

  14. Thanks so much Magaly ;o) I really enjoyed your comment ;o) That's what I wanted to say ;o) Have a great day!

  15. LOL! Thanks Christine ;o) Take Care ;o)

  16. Oh my goodness! Yay me!!! I am so excited. I have been coveting your baby crows since first sighting and now there is a Baby Mina Witch Crow! Oh and I almost forgot in all of my excitement...Your ending is beautiful. To find a man who sees with his heart is to find a man of worth and love. Great job!

  17. WAIT! Is that winner me? OH Goodie! Winning is FUN :^)
    Stacy, your ending is cool! Been sick and out of it for a couple days. What fun to check in and get the skinny here. xo

  18. Yeh Mina ;o) I am so happy you are happy ;o) I love what you said! To find a man who sees with his heart is to find a man of worth and love.

  19. Yes Lee, it is you ;o) Yeh! I have been sick too! I'm glad you liked the ending ;o) Take Care ;o)

  20. What a way to end a story! You're a great writer as well as an awesome artist. Congrats to all the winners - was it me who won??? If so, hurray! I'm excited. Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway and sharing your writing skills. :) Theresa

  21. Yes Theresa ;o) It is you that won! Yeh! I am so happy you enjoyed the story and the art! Take Care ;o)

  22. Beautiful Witches, sounds like a fun blog event! Great writing too!


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