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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party, Part 2 (next giveaway) and The Winners Are...

The Blind Date
“Part Two”
“What To Wear”

I can’t believe I am meeting a “strange” guy, in only 5 hours!
“Well, I hope he’s strange!” “Cackle”

Oh I love to dance. Maybe he does too? I have to put some music on!
“The Black Keys”
“Howlin” “For You”

I must admit
I can’t explain
All these thoughts racing
Through my brain

It’s true,
Baby I’m howlin for you

Can’t you see
The little girl’s
Got a hold on me

Like glue
Baby I’m howlin for you

Throw the ball
To the stick
Swing and miss
In the catcher’s mitt

Strike two
Baby I’m howlin for you

I’m getting so excited! Maybe he is a werewolf? Xonda never said. I assumed he was a mortal. We could howl at the moon together.

Let’s look into the crystal ball, for a sneak peak at what he looks like. “No Starla, be a good girl!”

Ok, let’s pick out an outfit! I love purple, pink and black. I think pink and black tonight! My black boot cut jeans, with my black wedge heels. Now for the top, hhhhhmmm... let's see. I want to show some clevage, it’s my best part! “Cackle” How about my pink bra, with my pink satin tank top, and my v-neck mesh black top? Sounds great to me ;o) Comfortable, but sexy!!!

I’m leaving my hair down, and wearing my big silver hoop earrings. I’m going to look fantastic! Maybe I should put my hair up? No Starla, show your true self and leave it down. This is who you are and be proud of yourself! "After being very ill, Starla had lost alot of hair. Even though it was long, if she didn't wear it to the side, you would see her bald spot. And, even wearing it off to one side, you could still notice, so Starla was being very brave tonight! Good for you Starla!"

Now for makeup, soft eyes, and my shimmer pink lipstick. If this guy isn’t a werewolf, I will still have him howling! “Cackle” And, a touch of fire and love oil on me. Can’t have enough of that!

Oh, I have to say by to “Passion”. Bye Passion, my beautiful kitty. Wish mommy luck ;o).......................

Welcome back everyone, to the Witches in Fiction Blog Party! I hope you enjoyed part two of my little story ;o) Now for the winners of my first giveaway! The winner of “It’s Party Time and Best Friends” is, Shelle, from SunShineShelle! Yeh Shelle! And, the second winner of “Crystal Ball and Dream” is, Kiki aka Victoria! Yeh Victoria! Please, can both of you contact me through my Etsy shop with your mailing address ;o) Thanks! Just incase everyone forgot, this is what the lucky winners won ;o)

Now for the next giveaway! The first winner will win two aceo’s. “The Moon” and “Light”. The second winner will win a little 4 x 5 canvas painting. The painting will be named after whomever wins ;o) All you have to do, is make an "excellent" comment and your name will be put into my lucky hat! The winners will be announced on Wednesday April 27th! So make sure to check back to see if you have won and then, there will be three new giveaways announced on that day. Stacy, did you say 3 new giveaways! Yes I did ;o) Also, part 3 of the story will be told April 27th ;o) Keep On Smiling Everyone ;o) The aceo's and the canvas painting, are below ;o) (Sorry for the long post!)


  1. Stacy that is some tale you are weaving! I can't wait to hear part 3! Congrats to your lucky winners.

  2. Loving the story Stacy! Made me laugh. Can't wait to read the rest. Congrats to the winners and this is such an "excellent" giveaway! Have a nice day. :)

  3. "Excellent" story, "Excellent" give away, "Excellent paintings", All by an "Excellent" person. This really is a fun story and I do want to know how the date ends up. Congrats to the winners.

  4. Congrats to the winners! Great story you are weaving, Stacy! I can't wait to hear how this goes...
    Lovely prizes, too! :D

  5. Thanks Roxanne! Have an excellent day!

  6. Hugs Marlene! Thanks so much! Have an excellent day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hugs Lee, thanks so much! Have a great day!

  8. YAAAAAHOOOO!!!!!!!! Wow this is like getting a Easter Pressie, I'm totlly tickled, I just dropped by to see how the 'Blind Date' was progressing & now I'm so excited :)))) Thanks Stacy!!! You know I LOVE the name 'Passion' for the pussy, it's 'Excellent' ;) I finally have a computer that works & now I'm out of broadband, so if I'm slow getting around 'Witches in Fiction', I apologise to all, blame it on technology LOL!! Hope to get my 2nd blog online today too... Fingers Crossed ;) Congrats to Victoria on winning too!!!

  9. Hey Shelle ;o) Glad you are happy ;o) Big Hugs and take care!

  10. Yay!! HUgs..oh my!! are so super generous..thanks so much for your beautiful art..i am so honored!
    HUgs my magical friend! you are a shining star!

  11. Hello again my sweet friend..I will leave my email for you I cannot seem to access yours.
    Thankyou again! You are truly wonderful and generous! hugs

  12. Hugs Back Victoria! You are the shining star my friend ;o)

  13. I've been trying to leave this comment since the morning. Here it is!

    I'm sooo proud of Starla. It sounds like she having so much fun getting ready for her date; and that outfit rocks! I'm a sucker for black and pink.

    Congrats to the winners! Shelle and Kiki, if your gifts disapear from your houses and you happen to smell lavender around the spots where the babies were, remember that MANY people use lavender soap. I would never go and snatch your babies from their nests. Muahahahaha!

    And oh my! those new babies are sooo cute. I love them all, but the last one stole my heart. What an "excellent, cute, and witchy giveaway!

  14. Hey Magaly! Excellent Comment!! ;o)) If I start smelling lavender around, I will be looking for you! LOL! Take Care and Big Hugs!

  15. Congratulations to your lucky, lucky winners! Oh, Starla sounds like she is dressed to kill and full of confidence to be uniquely her gorgeous self! Can't wait for the next part!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and I am so glad you spotted one of the elusive little fairies! Happy weekend to you, sweet friend.

  16. Hi Mina ;o) Thanks so much! and, happy weekend to you too ;o) Take Care!

  17. Excellent giveaway! I find your witchy crows especially enchanting :o).

    windowfog [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. I tried yesterday to leave a message but couldn't, so I'll try again! Congrats to your very lucky winners. This is indeed an EXCELLENT story and art!!! Thanks, Stacy. :) Theresa

  19. Hugs Theresa ;o) Thanks for the excellent post!! Take Care!

  20. Hi Windowfog! Thanks for coming by! And, thanks for your excellent post! Take Care ;o)

  21. Waiting for the rest of this story Stacy!

    PS. Hoppy Easter

  22. Hip hip hooray to all the winners! Stacy I love the story so far...I am cheering Starla on...I'm sure she looks beautiful for her date!

  23. Thanks Deborah ;o) She does look beautiful ;o)

  24. LOL! Thanks my witchy friend Pam ;o)


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