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Friday, April 29, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party, Part Four, The Winners Are, And another giveaway

“The Blind Date”
“Part Four”
“The Taza Club and Beyond”

Starla, I have something to share with you, before this evening goes any further. I am totally blind in my right eye and in my left eye, I only see shadows, in the colors of black, and grey.

But???....Xonda said she gave you a picture of me???.. How can you look at me the way you do???....How do you know what I look like???

“Starla, (Dimitris smiles), Xonda told a little lie. She actually gave me a sweater of yours. My senses are very strong. I could pick you out of a million people.”

“I look at you, the way I do, because I do see you, in my own way. I see your amazing soul and how it glitters across this room!”

“I know exactly what you look like. From your curvaceous hips, to your voluptuous breasts, even that cute little bald spot on your head, and your high cheek bones and full lips!”

Starla stands still. She is smiling. A tear runs down her cheek. She doesn’t know what to say to this amazing man. But, she still thinks there is something he isn’t telling her. How could Dimitris’s senses be so strong?

Starla, say something, please!

Dimitris is there something else you forgot to tell me?

Starla, you are a smart woman! Yes, there is. I am a werewolf. Would you like to go howl at the moon with me.


Dimitris takes Starla by the hand and they exit the club. In a flash, they both are standing at the edge of a forest. The moon, gazing down on them.

Dimitris starts to undress Starla. Starla standing nude now, undresses Dimitirs.

They both stand nude in each other’s arms. Starla, knows, he is the one!

Dimitris starts to howl.

Starla smiles, “thanks Xonda”

“The End”

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you liked the story ;o) I really enjoyed writing it and I really enjoyed all your comments! All of you are fantastic!!! Who knows, maybe there will be another chapter ;o)

Now for the winners!!!!! “Pink”- Baby Mina Witch Crow, Yeh Mina!
“Purple” – Baby Theresa Witch Crow, Yeh Theresa!
“Multicolored”- Baby Lee Witch Crow, Yeh Lee!
Please girls contact me through my Etsy shop with your complete address ;o)
I am going to have one more giveaway!!! The party ends May 1st, so that’s when one lucky name will be drawn. And, you will win an aceo of Baby Dimitris Werewolf Crow, howling at the moon ;o) Please make a comment about the story, and you will be entered into the draw ;o) Keep On Smiling ;o)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party, Part 3 (next giveaway) and The Winners Are....

“The Blind Date”
“Part Three”
“The Taza Club”

Ok, here I am, but I can’t seem to get the nerve to enter the club. Starla, you will be fine! Breathe Starla, breathe! You can do it! Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you will be walking through the door!

Wow, very magical club. I wonder who picked it? Xonda or my mystery man. Great dancing floor and so cool, they have a crystal ball room! The sign says, please check in all brooms at the door ;o) So cute! All the tables have rose quartz stones on them! I’m in love with this club!!!

How am I going to find my man?? Xonda told me, he has a picture of me. Do I keep walking around, until he sees me?? Now I am getting frustrated! Ok Starla, let’s close your eyes for a second and concentrate!

I can feel someone breathing behind me. It's sending shivers down my spine. Good shivers! The scent, what is it? It's like standing outside, after a lightening storm. It's like standing in a forest of wild flowers. It's the freshest of scents, but with a hint of mystery behind it. Something wild, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was this my man behind me, I hope so. Do, I turn around? Is he going to say something?

Hello Starla!

OMG, I almost melted. That voice! A European accent. But, from what country? I couldn’t turn around. I didn’t know what to do! I froze. Are my eyes still shut? They are!!! Open them Starla!

My eyes are open, he is still behind me. I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder, as he turns me around. I melted. In front of me stood the most amazing man I have ever seen. Green eyes, which pierced right through me. Dark wavy hair, and around 6 foot 2. Jeans, white t-shirt and a navy blazer. Oh and a scruffy face. I love when guys haven’t shaved! Feels great ;o) Hehehehehehe ;o) And, that smile!

Starla, snap out of it; ask him what his name is!

Starla, would you like to know my name?

Yes please! (I feel like an idiot!)

Dimitris, shall we dance Starla ;o)

He took my hand and guided me to the dance floor. My favorite song came on! “Howlin’ For You”. It must be a sign. Even though it was a faster song, he held me close. His one hand on my waist, while the other hand traveled. He seemed to investigate every inch of my body. As our legs and hips moved to the music, his hand started to caress my hair. Who was this guy! I could hear his heart beat. He stopped, touched my face and looked into my eyes.

Starla, I have something to share with you, before this evening goes any further…….

Welcome back everyone, to the Witches in Fiction Blog Party! I hope you enjoyed part three of my little story ;o) Now for the winners of my giveaway! The winner of “The Moon and Light” is, Marlene, from LazyHawk! Yeh Marlene! And, the second winner of “Baby Magaly Witch Crow” is Magaly! Yeh Magaly! Remember, the painting was named after whomever won ;o) Please, can both of you contact me through my Etsy shop with your mailing address ;o) Thanks! Just incase everyone forgot, this is what the lucky winners won. My mom picked the winning names for this round ;o)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Egyptian Baby Crow and Crow Aceo's

Enjoy everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a nice day! Keep On Smiling!

"Egyptian Mummy Baby Crow"

"Egyptian Princess Baby Crow"

"Egyptian Prince Baby Crow"

"Egyptian King Crow"

"Egyptian Queen Crow"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party, Part 2 (next giveaway) and The Winners Are...

The Blind Date
“Part Two”
“What To Wear”

I can’t believe I am meeting a “strange” guy, in only 5 hours!
“Well, I hope he’s strange!” “Cackle”

Oh I love to dance. Maybe he does too? I have to put some music on!
“The Black Keys”
“Howlin” “For You”

I must admit
I can’t explain
All these thoughts racing
Through my brain

It’s true,
Baby I’m howlin for you

Can’t you see
The little girl’s
Got a hold on me

Like glue
Baby I’m howlin for you

Throw the ball
To the stick
Swing and miss
In the catcher’s mitt

Strike two
Baby I’m howlin for you

I’m getting so excited! Maybe he is a werewolf? Xonda never said. I assumed he was a mortal. We could howl at the moon together.

Let’s look into the crystal ball, for a sneak peak at what he looks like. “No Starla, be a good girl!”

Ok, let’s pick out an outfit! I love purple, pink and black. I think pink and black tonight! My black boot cut jeans, with my black wedge heels. Now for the top, hhhhhmmm... let's see. I want to show some clevage, it’s my best part! “Cackle” How about my pink bra, with my pink satin tank top, and my v-neck mesh black top? Sounds great to me ;o) Comfortable, but sexy!!!

I’m leaving my hair down, and wearing my big silver hoop earrings. I’m going to look fantastic! Maybe I should put my hair up? No Starla, show your true self and leave it down. This is who you are and be proud of yourself! "After being very ill, Starla had lost alot of hair. Even though it was long, if she didn't wear it to the side, you would see her bald spot. And, even wearing it off to one side, you could still notice, so Starla was being very brave tonight! Good for you Starla!"

Now for makeup, soft eyes, and my shimmer pink lipstick. If this guy isn’t a werewolf, I will still have him howling! “Cackle” And, a touch of fire and love oil on me. Can’t have enough of that!

Oh, I have to say by to “Passion”. Bye Passion, my beautiful kitty. Wish mommy luck ;o).......................

Welcome back everyone, to the Witches in Fiction Blog Party! I hope you enjoyed part two of my little story ;o) Now for the winners of my first giveaway! The winner of “It’s Party Time and Best Friends” is, Shelle, from SunShineShelle! Yeh Shelle! And, the second winner of “Crystal Ball and Dream” is, Kiki aka Victoria! Yeh Victoria! Please, can both of you contact me through my Etsy shop with your mailing address ;o) Thanks! Just incase everyone forgot, this is what the lucky winners won ;o)

Now for the next giveaway! The first winner will win two aceo’s. “The Moon” and “Light”. The second winner will win a little 4 x 5 canvas painting. The painting will be named after whomever wins ;o) All you have to do, is make an "excellent" comment and your name will be put into my lucky hat! The winners will be announced on Wednesday April 27th! So make sure to check back to see if you have won and then, there will be three new giveaways announced on that day. Stacy, did you say 3 new giveaways! Yes I did ;o) Also, part 3 of the story will be told April 27th ;o) Keep On Smiling Everyone ;o) The aceo's and the canvas painting, are below ;o) (Sorry for the long post!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Baby Crow Aceo And Thanks Craftymoose ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're having a nice day! I would like to show you my latest baby crow aceo ;o) "Keeping Warm"

And, I would also like to share with you, a special order I had Debbie from Craftymoose make me! Debbie does amazing bead work, paints beautiful aceo's, creates great pendants, and treasure boxes. Debbie is very creative in all areas! Please check out her etsy store here! I was loving Debbie's suncatchers and I thought, I would love to see a crow suncatcher. Well, this is what arrived in the mail! I LOVE HIM! Thanks Debbie ;o) I know the last picture is blurry, but I thought it looked like ghost crow. I had to show it, because I thought it looked really cool! Take Care Everyone ;o)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Crow Aceo's and Two New Treasuries ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you've been having a great weekend! The weather has been so strange here. We had rain for two days and then alot of snow today. But, the snow is all gone and now it's windy and sunny.

I have finished some crow aceo's and like to share them with you ;o)

"Whisper In My Ear"

"Wings Of The Earth"

"Life" "A Precious Gift"

"Blessing The Teepee"

And, I would like to share two treasuries I am in. Enjoy and have a great day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Witches In Fiction Blog Party

“The Blind Date”
“Part One”

Xonda kept bugging me for days! I told her, I was too busy for her to come over! “But, she got sneaky!” I would be sitting in my chair and there she would be, flying by my window, checking up on me! How Rude!

I started closing my drapes and pretending I was sick, but she wouldn’t give up! I knew what this was all about, “another blind date”.

I gave in, and told her to come over. She was at my door in a flash! She must have got a new broom!

“Ok Xonda, who is he?” “Is he a witch, wizard, werewolf???” “Oh no, a mortal!!!”

“Starla, calm down!” “He is really cute!”

“Oh, that tells me a lot!”

“I’m not telling you anything else, because I know you Starla, you will not go out with him!”

“Oh great, he is a mortal, isn’t he?”

“Listen, I’m keeping my mouth shut and don’t try doing any spells on me!” “Just show up at the Taza Club tomorrow night!”

“Tomorrow night!”

“Yes, that way you have no time to think about it!”

“How will I know who he is?”

“I gave him a picture of you, so he will know!”

“That’s not fair!”

“Shut-up, go and have fun!” “Wicked dreams Starla, bye!”

“Bye Xonda!”………………………….

Welcome everyone to the Witches in Fiction Blog Party! I hope you enjoyed part one of my little story ;o) I will be posting three times during this party. Each time, I will share some more of my story, and I will be doing giveaways along with this. Below are 4 aceo’s. There will be two winners. The first winner will get, “It’s Party Time and Best Friends”. The second winner will get, “Crystal Ball and Dream”. The winners will be announced on Friday April 22nd! So make sure to check back to see if you have won and then, there will be two new giveaways announced on that day. To enter, just say in your comment, “Stacy, I want to win!” Good luck everyone and have fun at the party!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Going Away and New Canvas Painting

Hi Everyone ;o) I'm going on a little road trip. I leave tomorrow, the 12th and come home on the 14th. I will try to catch up on all your blogs when I get back ;o) I will be blogging my first post for the Witches In Fiction Blog party on the 15th! And, there will be a giveaway too ;o)

This is a picture I took today ;o) Thought I would share it ;o) I think it turned out really nice ;o)

I was in an "abstract" mood this weekend! This is the painting I created! It's called, "Whispers Of Love". "Can you hear them?" Enjoy and I will talk to you all soon ;o) Keep On Smiling ;o)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Mary Poppins, Zombies, Snake, and a Bug"

What do all these things have in common??? Nothing! LOL! My mind has been everywhere this week, and I always paint what comes to me ;o)

I was first thinking of my favourite old movie. "Mary Poppins". I have watched that movie so many times and I can watch it again and again ;o) May I present to you "Baby Mary Poppins Crow" ;o)

As soon as I finished that aceo, I thought about zombies! LOL! Don't ask me why, because I don't know ;o)

Here is "Zombie Baby Girl Crow and Her Pet Snake" ;o)

And, "Zombie Baby Boy Crow and His Pet Bug" ;o)

I had so much fun painting these two ;o) I think one day, they will meet ;o) Have a great weekend everyone! ;o)))

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Baby Crow Aceo And My Aceo's For The Next Challenge

Hi Everyone ;o) I finished Baby Crow taking a bath ;o) Enjoy ;o)

The next aceo challenge is "April Showers". These are my 3 aceo's I have entered. I will let you know, when it's time to vote ;o) Take care and have a great day!

"Playing in the Rain"

"Singing in the Rain"

"Spring Showers"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank-you! I won!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Witch baby crow and her cat

 This aceo is called, "Best Friends". Quirky the cat, never leaves baby witch crow ;o)

Big Hugs, have a great day!