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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and New Aceo ;o)

A few days ago, I was given the "Stylish Blogger Award" from Marlene ;o) There is a cute little logo, but I don't know how to get it on my blog! LOL! Pam, if you are reading this, you are probably laughing!! I tried, but I couldn't get it to work! ;oP First, I would like to say thanks to Marlene ;o) You can find her blog here and her Etsy store here.. I "Love" Marlene's art! She is so creative! I own many of her aceo's! She does so many things, like sketches, watercolor, and felted aceo's. If you haven't checked out her store or blog, please do, it's worth it!

To accept the award we are to tell 7 things about ourselves, so here goes:
(I hope I don't repeat anything, all of you already know.)

1. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast! I love it! Bacon, eggs, french toast, yummy! And, I can have these items at anytime of the day to! It doesn't bother me ;o)

2. One of the best places I every traveled to was Italy. I loved it all, but my favourite place was Capri. The water was beautiful! It was crystal clear! The food was so fresh! The people were so friendly! It was amazing!

3. Besides "my crow", my favourite animal is a cat ;o)

4. I love snow shoveling at night! Usually no one else is around and you can hear a pin drop! It's so peaceful. My mind just escapes!

5. When I was in Ecuador, we drove on a road that went to Columbia. All around us was mountains. At one stop, there was a devil's face carved into the side of the mountain, that was as large as the mountain! Massive! I don't know how to say I felt. It was scary, but very interesting too. The locals say, they don't know how it got there, but it just happened over night?

6. My middle name is Paulette ;o)

7. I don't know why, but I like to paint at night? Maybe my mind is more relaxed! LOL

Now, I am suppose to pass this on to 15 new blogs!! I think alot of you, that I follow, have done this, so I am going to pass it on to two people, that I am pretty sure haven't and one of them is new! Yeh!

1. Deborah at

2. Shelle at

Enjoy girls. I love your blogs and your art! Looking forward to learning something about you ;o)

Now for my new aceo! I want to thank all of you, because you inspired me to do this!! It's called, "Let's Get Pyhsical, Pyhsical", thanks Lee ;o) Mr. Worm is getting a good work out this time too ;o) I really like baby crow's running shoes and Mr. Worm's sweat band ;o)


  1. OMG!.....I have been singing "Lets Get Physical" song since yesterday after doing Blue's picture of him working out!!!! Too weird! The aceo is so cute Stacy! Great job on it! Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing those interesting things about yourself. Hugs my friend. :)

  2. That's too funny Roxanne!!! I'm glad you like the aceo ;o) Hugs Roxy ;o)

  3. Congrats on the well deserved award! Totally adorable ACEO!

  4. Love it! :D
    Nice to know a little bit more about you!

  5. I did learn a little something new about you. Cute painting and now I am humming "Let's get Physical"

  6. Love it...glad to meet you and learn more about you. Just watched an episode of Glee last night on DVD and Olivia NewtonJohn was on guessed it..."Lets get Physical." :-)

  7. I loved hearing all those things about you...Paulette....shoveling at to Italy...very cool!
    I would be honored to tell you things about the new ACEO....the worm made me laugh!!!!

  8. I love breakfast too, any time of day is ok with me. Wow you've done some traveling. So cool! Nice to learn more about you!

    Love the ACEO. I can hear the music in my head. lol

  9. Hey Pam, we have to meet for breakfast one day! ;o)))

  10. oh yes. My favorite is eggs scrambled, with flaked ham, all simmered together. Sometimes I add ketchup and mix up and let it simmer. So good.

  11. OMG PAM!!! I'm starting to laugh, because my mom's favourite thing is ketchup!! She puts it on everything!!! LOL!

  12. LOL Stacy, I love ketchup to. Not for everything, but a lot.


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