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Saturday, January 1, 2011

And, The Winner Is, Or The Winners Are ;o)

First I want to say, thank-you from the bottom of my heart to everyone!!! All of you, put such heart and soul, into each name you gave me! It has been so hard, truly, to pick one name! I got my mom involved with this and she said, Stacy, you have to give away more than one gift. Your friends deserve it! And, I agreed with her! My sister-in-law too, was so touched! To pick my most favourite name, I got my mom involved again. I wanted to see which name she would pick, and compare it to mine. Because, if we had two different ones, then I would have had two top names. Well, can you believe, we picked the same name!!! So, I would like to annouce the official name of my crow-........."Coal", picked by Shelle. You can visit Shelle's store here. This is the meaning Shelle gave to me, for "Coal"- something common, dark as pitch & overlooked by most... but gives energy to inanimate objects, warmth to the cold and under pressure becomes a priceless, valuable, stunning diamond!

Now, as my mom suggested, to give away more than one gift, because all of you deserve it. I put the rest of all your names into a hat and picked out two more names!!!! The first one I picked was "Calliope" from Gina. You can visit Gina's store here. Calliope" was the eldest of the Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and dance. She was also the goddess of eloquence, who bestowed her gift on kings and princes. The web site is here.

And, for my third winner, the name is "Mahala", from Marlene. You can visit Marlene's store here. The meaning of "Mahala", is tender female, an Indian name.

Shelle, and Gina, I have your address. Marlene, I know you have moved, so I will be contacting you!!!!

Hugs to everyone!!!!! Happy New Year! Here's to a fantastic 2011!!!!


  1. Well, that was truly a difficult task! How amazing that you and your Mom both picked the same name?! I think "Coal" is a great name both for the color and the meaning!

  2. I love Coal and Calliope. I guess we really gave you too many ideas Stacy! I probably would have asked my husband and my mom too.

  3. Thanks so much Christine ;o) I really wanted to give everyone a gift! It was hard! I wasn't expecting so many great names!

  4. Wonderful names everyone. Coal is perfect. Congrats girls!

  5. Thank you, it was fun. I think you picked the best name in color and meaning. I moved back into my house so the address is the same, but I sent it to you anyway.

  6. Hey Marlene ;o) Thanks, it was fun ;o)

  7. great names everyone! you made a wonderful choice for your crow, Coal is perfect!

  8. WOW, so many options! Stacy you made a perfect choice - Coal is a great name.
    Congrats to the winners :^)

  9. I am so happy, I didn't think with all the wonderful and inspired names I would get the opportunity to have my name chosen, I am totally THRILLED!!!! Really pleased Stacy that you and your mom agreed on it too : ) I think if it was me I may have ended up with the longest name ever given to a crow, ALL the names were really great, this was so much fun to take part in, & I'm chuffed and delighted... THANK YOU!!!!!!

  10. Fun contest and such great names from everyone...I loved reading them all!


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