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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What My Sister-In-Law Made Me and Contest ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you all had a very special holiday!! I did! I was spoiled! LOL! I had many special gifts, that were handmade! One of them came from my sister-in-law! I have took several pictures for you all to see ;o) It's a big black female crow. Tammy (my sister-in-law), made the hat and shawl for the crow. She put a hat on it, because I love wearing hats! She painted the beak and eyes. She made a necklace, that included a heart, for the "love", in MagicLoveCrow. At the bottom, you will see a paint brush and a crystal, for the "magic", in MagicLoveCrow. Now, that's not it. Tammy printed off one of my paintings and attached it too a canvas and also put my picture on it. This canvas sits on an easel and underneath you can see the paint spots, a paint brush and and a black heart. This is the painting that the crow has painted ;o) The painting is called, "Me and Mommy". Isn't this cool! I love it so much! I still believe, that things handmade are the best! Either making them yourself or buying them. Now, since I love this so much, I would like to have a contest! Whoever gives me the best name for my crow, will get something from me in the mail! It might be something big, it might be something small, it could be from my shop, or it could be something new. I'm not sure yet, but I would like to share my happiness with all of you! So, if you would like to be in the contest, write a comment and tell me a name ;o) I will pick the winner on Jan. 1st ;o) Good way to bring in the new year ;o))) You can visit Tammy here ;o)


  1. Your gift brought a happy tear to my eye--what a thoughtful Sil!

    I chose the name, Tara. Here is why:

  2. Wow Debbie!! That was powerful! I marked it in my favourites! Thanks so much! You brought a happy tear to my eye!!!

  3. Handmade gifts are the best...what a wonderful sis on law you have! That is the true gift of christmas. :)

  4. Calliope came to mind as soon as I saw your gorgeous crow, Stacy!
    I'm happy to hear you had a great Christmas! Here's a link to the meaning of the name. :)

  5. Gina, Wow!! You girls are amazing me with these names!! I love Greek Mythology, so I love this name! Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Stacy!!

    WOW love the crow, you certainly do have inspired & talented family (and I checked Tammy's blog - great info on migraines) so cute the little aceo titled 'Me & Mommy' FANTASTIC...
    OK I'd love to enter your comp... do the other guys from the aceo team/group know you're running this, I bet they would all love to enter!!
    OK here are my suggestions...
    Midnight (where magic takes flight & darkness enhances the brightness of the stars)

    Ebony (a valuable black ancient treasure produced by mother earth and appreciated and partnered by artists, craftsmen and musicians in their creative quests).

    Coal (something common, dark as pitch & overlooked by most... but gives energy to inanimate objects, warmth to the cold and under pressure becomes a priceless, valuable, stunning diamond)

    Thanks for the opportunity Stacy!!!

  7. Hey Shelle!! I haven't told the aceo team. I was going to, but I think it would be too hard on me, because already, I love everyone's names!! I shouldn't have started this contest! LOL! You guys truly are great at what you are coming up with! If I was having a kid, I would let you name it! LOL!

  8. Ha Ha, you can pick your favourite names & put them in a hat??? That way we all know we have a chance : ) I think it still would be good to tell the rest of the gang as it's lots of fun & such a cute gift Tammy gave you to show off!! Don't worry, if you do ever have a baby we'll enter for a chance to win again LOL!!!!

  9. Wow Stacy, Tammy did a wonderful job. I can just imagine it bringing you to tears when you opened it. How beautiful.

    I am not too good at names, but I will suggest "Spirit"

  10. Pam, Spirit is beautiful! Thank-you! Like I said, all of you are giving me fantastic names!

  11. Your sister has given you a wonderful gift, the crow is beautiful. Here are a few Indian names that I thought might be appropriate.

    FALA: Choctaw Indian name meaning crow
    Lakota: Indian Name meaning Friend
    Mahala: Indian Name meaning tender female

  12. I'm so glad you love her Stacy!

    And thank you so much everyone for the nice comments! You've got some great suggestions here - can't wait to hear what her name is.

    PS. Oh and you couldha warned me to bring kleenex with me to read this post

  13. Hi Marlene ;o) I think I am going to have to give everyone a gift! Just close my store down! LOL! This means so much to me! Thank-you!

  14. Hey Tammy! Aren't the names amazing!! All the girls I have met on here are great! I think my crow is going to have more than one name! LOL!

  15. I love the little shawl! If only I knew Muffin would wear one, I would comission one :-)

    I looked up names that mean crow and I'm going to pick "Branwen Cawford" :-D Apparently Branwen means "fair crow" :-)

  16. Thanks so much Christine! That's very interesting! I'm learning so much doing this challenge ;o)

  17. What a wonderful gift! Wow! Ok when I think of crows/ravens one the first things that comes to mind is Edgar Allan Poe the poet, so I came up with the name Elizabeth which is Edgar's birth mother. You really got some good names there Stacy!

  18. Excellent Roxanne, thank-you! I love all the names everyone has came up with and especially all the meanings behind them!

  19. Here is my choice "Lilla Kraka" which means Little Crow in Swedish!

    I honestly don't know how in the world you are going to pick just one...this is what happens when you have a community of friends that are all creative!|en|lilla%20kraka

  20. hi Stacy, so happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! lots of creative people around you, I love what your sister in law did for you. Very clever, lol!
    Well, when I looked at the crow, the first name I came up with was Horton- don't ask why, lol! but it may be a female,in which case my name would be Esmeralda.
    Have fun picking a name, lots of good ones here to choose from

  21. Deborah, that is soooooooo cute, thank-you!!!! I know, it's going to be very hard! My mom is going to help me ;o)

  22. Betty, you are too funny! I am still laughing from Horton!! LOL! Thanks so much for the names!


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