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Monday, December 13, 2010

New White Crow Aceo ;o)

"In classical mythology, when the crow told the god Apollo that his lover Coronis was cheating on him with a mortal, he became very angry, and part of that anger was directed at the crow, whose feathers he turned from white to black."
If you see a white crow, it is very special and rare! Enjoy the aceo. I only paint a few a year of the white crow, because I respect that it is very special!
Hope everyone is having a great day! Ontario, Canada, is having a cold spell!! -25 tonight and windy! I'll have to wear socks to bed! LOL! I love this weather!!! Tomorrow, hopefully, I get my stitches out! Yeh!!


  1. White crow? Thanks for the education - I never heard about them. Cute ACEO, Stacy! Looks like a "winter coat" ;^)

    Are You stitch free? Hope it went well.

  2. Love it stacy! I have never heard of white crows before - what an interesting story! Hope your stiches are out and that you're feeling great :)

  3. Very interesting! Wonderful aceo! I hope you get the stitches out. Take care my friend.

  4. Winter coat! you are too cute Lee ;o) Thanks!

  5. Thanks Roxanne! Great to hear from you!!!

  6. Beautiful crows. I didn't know there were white crows, how cool! Keep warm! :)

  7. Totally gorgeous, Stacy! I made one white buffalo suncatcher once--white buffalo are also scarce & sacred to Native Americans.

  8. Thanks Debbie, I would have love to seen your white buffalo suncatcher! Very special! I love our Canadian Indians, and I have learned alot from them!


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