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Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Canvas Painting and New Baby Crow Aceo ;o)

Well, I have been busy painting! The weather for tomorrow and monday is suppose to be yucky! Rain, freezing rain and snow! So, since I take my pictures outside, I did alot today ;o)
My first is a canvas painting ;o) It's called "Best Friends" and the name of these paintings are called, "Smudges". Smudges are about looking at your inner beauty and being proud of who you are! "We all have our smudges, that's what makes us each different and wonderful ;o) I hope this painting brings a smile to your face ;o) I had alot of fun painting it and I think I will be doing more ;o)

My second painting is called, "Family". It's my brother and sister baby crow ;o) Enjoy! And, I hope all of you are having a great day ;o)


  1. Smudges! Cute idea. Some of us have more smudges than others :D

    Cute little brother and baby sis. My big sis used to threaten to throw me in the creek if I didn't behave. Hey, I am 10 years younger than her. I totally get it. ;^)

  2. how adorable! love your smudges paintings, and sweet ACEO! hope you don't get the freezing rain tomorrow, but the snow would be ok right, lol?

  3. Hey Lee! I have alot of smudges, you just can't see mine! LOL! Poor Lee! I understand, I'm the baby in the family ;o)

  4. Thanks so much Betty ;o) I don't mind the snow at all!! I hate freezing rain!! Errrrrrrrrrr

  5. Oh these are cute! Hope you don't get too much snow and rain!

  6. Thanks Pam ;o) I hope not either! I can't believe how much snow melted today! We will see what tomorrow brings!!!!

  7. Smudges are a very sweet idea--we all certainly have them!

    Brother & sis are so cute!

    We are getting pelted with rain today! I guess I am glad that it is warm or it would be inches of snow!

  8. Thanks Debbie ;o) I'm sorry, but I do love my snow. It just doesn't seem right to have rain this time of year? And, I really don't like freezing rain!!!


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