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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I just want to say, that I feel so happy to have met so many wonderful people through this blog, on Etsy, and on the aceo Etsy team! All of you are fantastic!! And, I wish you all so much and more!!! Keep Smiling, and Keep creating! Go for your dreams and don't look back!!!! Here's to 2011 ;o)


  1. Awww, look at the cute crow babies watching the fireworks :-D

    Happy New Year Stacy! I love everyone in blogland too, and on's nice to be surrounded by like minded people!
    I wish you lots of wonderful magical things for the New Year, and may all your dreams come true

  2. Thanks Betty! May all your dreams come true too ;o)

  3. Have a wonderful New Year Stacy!! it's about 7am New Years Day here, the sparklers are gone (and our bottles of bubbly empty) only the dishes are left to wash!
    I agree... you are so right Stacy (and Betty, hi there) there are so many wonderful people in this extended family we have found online, makes me happy to have found you all, a creative, fantastic, sweet circle of friends : ) wishing you and family only the best life has to offer : )
    May it be wonderful
    Shelle : )

  4. Happy New Year Shelle!! I wish you and your family and your friends all the best too!!!! If I was there, I would help with the dishes! LOL!

  5. Happy New Year, Stacy! I am so happy that our paths crossed! I so enjoy your creativity, humor and friendship! I wish you and your family the best for 2011!

  6. Happy New Year Stacy. What a sweet aceo! I am so happy to have met you and many other wonderful people also!


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