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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Song - Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Hey Everyone ;o) I feel so good today. I thought I would just write to say hi ;o)) My mom has started making homemade bread, cinnamon buns, and regular buns. It's a long day process, with making the bread, letting it sit, for it to raise, and then needing it and baking it. It's something we treasure every year. Mom always says, enjoy it, because it might be the last year. It's alot of work!! Takes her all day! The kitchen is so hot, that by the end, she's in her bra! LOL! The heat is needed to make the bread rise! I'll try to take some pics! Not of her and her bra, but of the bread! LOL! Just to let you know, she use to be a baker! The customers use to line up for the butter tarts and bread! LOL!
I'm listening to some old Christmas songs, my favourite, the oldies! Holly Jolly
Christmas- Burl Ives, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer- Gene Autry, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Perry Como, and my favourite, Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee.
I'm so thank-ful for all of this and for all of you too! I hope you all are having a Happy Day too ;oD


  1. Mmmm enjoy all of the baked goodies, that sounds like a lot of work. 15 years ago or so a friends mom showed me how to make bread from scratch, took all day and I haven't done it since. LOL Hardest work I ever did!

    I love those Christmas songs too!

  2. Pam, you are soooooooooo right!! I don't know how my mom does it? I couldn't! It takes alot of strength too, in your arms and hands. I hate when people say it's so easy!! Or take it for granted. It's like our homemade items, it's alot of work! And, as my mom always says, alot of love goes into it, and she wouldn't do it if she didn't love us! Even when she was a baker, everyone knew the love she put into everything! I'm serious, she had some people that she would open the doors to, at 6:00am! It made her feel really special! She deserved it!

  3. Yes it is a lot of work your right. I couldn't be a baker, I only get the energy a few times a year to bake, usually Christmas / Holidays.

  4. Those pics made me hungry, YUMMO!!! I'm more an eater than a baker LOL : )

  5. Hey Shelle, I am with you!! I am more of an eater too! LOL!


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