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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Art ;o)

Hey Everyone ;o) Well I finished my painting! I called it "Winter Love" ;o) And, I finished a Christmas baby crow aceo ;o) It's called "Merry Christmas". Enjoy ;o)

And, this last picture is what my backyard looks like. It shouldn't be this way!!! I live in Canada! North of Toronto, Ontario!!! I better get snow for Christmas!!!!!


  1. Love these pieces, Stacy! They make me happy!

    I woke up to snow falling yesterday morning which continued to fall all afternoon. It was so nice until it turned to drizzle and then rain. Lol!

  2. These turned out great, your crows are so adorable. I have snow and ice here and I will gladly send it to you.

  3. ...and Everybody LOVES decorating for this Season! Cute little newbies!
    It's not even 20F here - still snow on the lawn and in the road but no new stuff falling. Am sending this weather your way... :D

  4. Thanks so much Marlene ;o) You can send the snow, but you can keep the ice , thanks ;o)

  5. Hey Gina ;o) Glad to make you happy ;o) Your weather sounds like our's!!!

  6. Hey Lee ;o) Thanks for liking the newbies ;o) And, I'm looking for the snow ;o)

  7. Your pieces really make me smile, Stacy!

    Your backyard looks more like summer, LOL!

  8. Hey Debbie ;o) Glad to make you smile ;o) Isn't it crazy how my backyard looks! LOL!

  9. Oh your Christmas crows are so cute. You are so good at coming up with art for the holidays!

    LOL I've lived in Ontario before, your right it shouldn't look that way. I will see if I can send you some of my Alberta snow! We have lots!


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