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Monday, September 6, 2010

"We Are All Connected", New Baby Crow Aceo

Hey Everyone ;o) this is the third aceo I have completed for the aceo challenge! I guess you could say it's part zentangle. I didn't want the entire aceo to be that way. I just wanted the baby crows, touching the dragonfly and the butterfly, (in the zentangle form). When I painted the baby crows beaks touching them, that's when I thought of the title, "We Are All Connected" ;O) How true!!
After looking at my realistic crow, to me he is missing something! I might redo him! I still have time ;o)
Have a great day! It's raining here!!!
P.S. Ok, I have thought about it! The three you see, are the ones I have entered for the challenge! I'm not changing anything ;o))


  1. I really like this new aceo and think it is just perfect the way it is!

  2. Thanks Debbie ;o) I truly appreciate it!!

  3. I like this one too Lil Crow....I like how it is a mixture with the zentangle! Good decision on not changing your "serious" crow!

  4. Thanks Deborah ;o) Take Care My Friend ;o)

  5. Awesome aceo Stacy! Great title for it too!:)

  6. YAY! gorgeous and now part of my collection!
    Thanks Stacy :D

  7. Yeh!! I'm so happy you are happy with your aceo Lee ;o)))


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