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Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Aceo's ;o))

Hey Everyone ;o) I just finished some new aceo's for the aceo blog challenge this month and before I could post one of them on the blog, it sold! I am thank-ful ;o) I just asked our trusty Pam if I could link it from somewhere else, if not, I'm going to make another. The aceo with the baby crow and the autumn leaves, is the one that sold, the other's are in my shop and on the aceo challenge blog ;o) Enjoy! I will tell you when it's time to vote! The theme this month is "nature"!


  1. That's awesome the one sold already! I really like the aceo's Stacy....great job!

  2. Thanks Roxanne ;o) You know I appreciate your complements ;o)

  3. Another job well done Lil Crow! I am so excited that you sold one so quickly...I showed my daughter and she loved that one too!
    I am totally loving the "crow facts" please keep them coming!

  4. Thanks Deb ;o))) I was excited too!! I will try to keep adding new crow facts ;o)) Take Care ;o)

  5. Beautiful ACEO's, wow love the 1st, not surprising it sold. Cool crow facts!

  6. Thanks Pam ;o))) I will try to keep the crow facts coming! I'm trying to put some baby crow facts on soon ;o)


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