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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've Been Painting ;o))

Before I share my new art work, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, who took the time to write about "my backyard neighbour"! All of you put a smile on my face! I shared all of your comments with my mom! She loved them too!! Big Hugs, Everyone! I have put a large piece of metal on the chain fence, that goes to his backyard. I'm planning to spray paint a crow on it, for protection and to keep a watchful eye! I should have it done before winter. As soon as I get it done, I will put some pictures up ;o)
Now for my painting! The first one is a squirrel and a baby crow aceo. I've called it "Tag, You're It". I really liked how the eyes turned out on the squirrel!

The next aceo is called, "Yummy" ;o)

"Mother's Love", aceo ;o)

"What's Your Name?", Baby owl and Baby Crow aceo ;o) I really love this one ;o) This was an idea from my tree guy ;o) Told you he was a sweetheart ;o)

The last two I was playing with are pif aceo's, (pay it forward) ;o) The red crow one is called "Fantasy" and the girl is called, "Crow Girl" ;o)



  1. Oh you have been painting! These are great! Loving the new critters you have been adding to them. That sounds like a very good idea about the painting you are putting on your fence, please do share when it's finished. :)

  2. Just adorable Lil are creating such sweet critters!

  3. Thanks Deborah ;o) It means so much ;o)

  4. The babies are adorable, I have never seen a baby crow are they really that fluffy? Yours are sooooo sweet.

  5. WOW! You've been busy ;) Great new ones. I love the owlet!

  6. Hey Marlene ;o) Yes, they are really fluffy ;o) Thanks for the complement ;o)

  7. Thanks Lee ;o) Is that what a baby owl is called, owlet??

  8. Aw, this little crow would look great in a children's book!

  9. Thanks so much Christine! You know, other people have mentioned that to me too ;o)


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