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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's My Birthday ;o)

Happy Birthday To me ;o)
Happy Birthday To Me ;o)
LOL!! Yep, it's my birthday today ;o) Yeh! And, it's beautiful, sunny, but nice and cool ;o) I even planted a tree yesterday. It's my birthday tree ;o) I did alot of celebrating at the beginning of the week. My mom surprised me at a restaurant with a cake and it said on it, Happy Birthday Magic Crow ;o) I loved that!! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, but I will always have that memory!!!! I'm going out this afternoon, so I hope all of you have a wonderful day, on my special day ;o))) Take Care and Keep On Smiling ;o)))


  1. Happy Birthday Stacy!!!! Have yourself a super day! Love ya. :)
    P.S. Love the pics!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL CROW....Hope you take some pics of your birthday!!!

  3. LOL, I didn't!! I'm so bad! Maybe I will take a picture of my birthday tree I planted ;o)

  4. Happy Birthday Stacy!! Hope you had a great day :)

  5. Thanks So much Joumana! It means alot to me ;o) And, yes, I did have a great day ;o))

  6. Hope it was fantastic! And no I don't sound like a muppet....silly Magic Love Crow

  7. Happy Belated birthday, hope you had a fun one. Sounds like a special cake.

  8. Thanks so much Pam and it was a very special cake!! It was a really nice surprise!!!


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