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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award ;o)

Hey Everyone ;o) A couple a weeks ago, I received this wonderful award from Martha ;o) The rules are, that I am to disclose 7 things about me and pass the award along to other bloggers ;o) It was hard to do!! LOL!! Before I disclose my 7 things, I would like to tell you that Martha is a great person and wonderful artist! You can find Martha at
and at

Ok, here are my 7 things.....

1. I was very fortunate to go to Egypt in my teens! It was an amazing experience! To stand infront of the pyramids and walk through the dessert, wow! And, I road a camel too! You have to watch out for camels, they spit!! Not very nice!! LOL! And, they get up backwards too! There butt comes up first then the front, so you feel like you are going to fall off!!

2. Before I went on the plane from Toronto to Egypt, I met Donald Sutherland! Wonderful gentleman. He was sitting by himself. I just had to go up and say hi ;o) To bad it wasn't his son Keither!! LOL!!

3. I wear glasses when I paint ;o)

4. I love magical movies, like Harry Potter! It just takes me to another place ;o)

5. Favourite food, I love all food, that's my problem! LOL! My mom's homemade buns, perogies and potatoe pancakes I love the most!! But, I do have a thing for Italian food too ;o))

6. My middle name is Paulette ;o) I love my middle name, very different ;o)

7. I love the snow! When there is a big snow storm, I love going out in the middle of the night. It's so peaceful! Nothing is moving, and all you see is a big blanket of white! Sometimes, I have spotted a wolf or fox, just gorgeous! Mother nature at her best ;o)

Well, that's it ;o) I hope you all have enjoyed knowing a little more about me ;o) Now I am suppose to pass the award along! To the people I pass it on to, you don't have to do it, but if you do, I am looking forward to learning a little more about you ;o)

The award goes out to, Roxanne at

Pam at

And Kathleen at

Have fun everyone if you do it ;o)) Take Care, Stacy


  1. Such a cool post! And you are lucky to travel s far away to Egypt!

  2. Thanks Martha ;o) I have been very lucky in my travels ;o))

  3. Really fun to learn about you. Wow Egypt. Lucky girl. I also LOVE snow. I am off to go blog my answers...

  4. How fun! Loved learning more about you =) Thanks for the award! I shall put on my thinking cap and see what odd little facts I can come up with... um... that I can put into print! LOL!

  5. Ok I blogged, boy it was hard thinking up answers! lol

  6. Very funny Kathleen! I thought the same thing, that's why it took me so long! LOL!

  7. Re: the food....that's because Mama Citta is the best cook in the world!

  8. Too True ;o)) I have the tummy to show for it! LOL!

  9. I love you always make me laugh...either on your blog or one of your adorable paintings!
    I have to say thank you too because you made me go back and work on my own blog....I think I actually started it 2-3 years ago...can you come and visit...and do you mind if I ask you questions on how to do some

  10. Hey Deborah ;o))) Of course, Big Hugs ;o)))

  11. Congrats on your award, Stacy! We share a few things in common but especially #1!

  12. Thanks Debbie ;o)) Yes we do have #1 in common ;o) I have traveled to our places as well! I have been very fortunate ;o))) Take Care


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