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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Crow Aceo's ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) these are some of my new crow aceo's. A little more serious than my baby crows. It's funny, it really depends on what kind of "mood" you are in, on what you paint. The names are, "The Fence", "The Spider Web" and "The Cross". Enjoy, I think they turned out nice ;o) I like the solid background!
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  1. Oh...I just love these...honestly and truly! I can see the bluish hues in their wings...I understand what you are saying about how your mood can determine your work....I am the same way! I love the black and red contrast...very classic...thank you for sharing with us lil crow!

  2. Hey Deb ;o) Thanks so much! And, I have to admit, I love your nick name for me! Thank-you!!!

  3. These are wonderful! I have to agree also with how our mood is reflected in the work we do. Really like "The Fence". :)

  4. Hugs Roxanne ;o)))
    Thanks my friend ;o))

  5. noticed that I gave you a nickname!I was showing my daughters your shop and I said "This is my Etsy friend lil crow!" They both laughed...voila...your nickname was born!

    oh and p.s. they love your work!

  6. Thanks so much Deb for showing your daughters much shop! And, I love how my nick name became ;o)


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