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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Hi Everyone!
Long time no talk too!
I apologize again! These past couple of weeks have ran into each other for me! And, tomorrow, the 13th, I am on an airplane! I will be off line till the 17th. It's a short trip, but I know it's going to be special!

I'm trying to say hi to you all, before I leave, if I don't get the time, I promise, when I get back!

I want to seriously thank you for keeping up with me and leaving me messages on my blog! Truly grateful for you all!!

Big Hugs! See you when I get back 😀

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hey Everyone 😀
I hope you're all doing well! I've been trying to get around to all your blogs, to say hi and to apologize, that I'm so behind in blog land. I miss coming on here and seeing how everyone is.

It's a busy time of year for everyone. I've just really started back with gardening. It's been cool and raining. Work is going excellent. I've been working a lot more in the morning, than the day or night shifts. So, I am up around 5:30am. By the time I get home and eat, I just want to sleep!

Then when I looked at the calendar, I couldn't believe, in a few weeks, I'm on my trip! So excited and emotionally, when I think of my trip, I start to cry. Cry in a good way. I feel it's going to be an amazing experience!

I took some pictures around the garden! (Lots of pics!)

Here is a natural, "bed head", Sunday pic of me! LOL!

Remember this painting?
I think it's finished.
"Commit To You"
Big Hugs 😀

Monday, April 29, 2019

Hi Everyone 😀
Hope you're all well!
We've been getting tones of rain and even snow!! But, besides the snow, things are turning green and plants are starting to grow.
Little red squirrel is enjoying some seed.
We've even had our ducks return, too. Every year, for about 15 years, this happy couple has returned to us.
Mom's plant is blooming too!
As for my art, my banner is showing the next stage, to the painting below. Not done yet!
And, I have started another!
Big Hugs 😃