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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hi Everyone!
Happy October! 🌻 Hope you're all well!

One of the changes that has happened to me, is that I've got a promotion at work. I honestly don't know if I want it! LOL! But, I have accepted it. I was told, I can change my mind and go back to my other position, if I really don't like it, but I have to give it a chance first! We will see what happens. It's more responsibility and less play time! LOL! Like I said in my last post, I'm going with the flow. I know I have changed so much. When you start to change, things start to change around you. I might not have any nails left after this, LOL, but I'm going for it! I still can't believe, just in this past year, everything that has happened. We have to live for today and make the most of it!  Life is messy, but never stop loving you!!!

This is one of the reasons why I'm having less time in blog land. But, I am truly trying to keep up with all of you! I miss my bloggy friends! I feel bad, when I'm late coming around or if I don't post.
The wonderful CJ put this on her blog,
"No need to apologize, if you show up "late", to read a blog post. Late is a relative term. I'm just thrilled and grateful that you decided to spend your time with me."

I agree totally!! So, I will stop feeling so bad!!!

I put the other painting I was working on, to the side and decided to paint a baby crow! I haven't painted a baby crow in a long time. And, if you are wondering, it's the painting in my banner! LOL! I couldn't wait!

But, I will show you the progress pictures.

The finished piece,
"The Best Way To Fly" (8x8 canvas)

I will leave you with one more thing from CJ's blog.
Big Hugs!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Hi Everyone 😀
Happy Autumn 🍁 Just to let you know, this is a picture happy post!
I hope you're all well! I have to apologize, again, for being behind in blog land and being behind in my postings. Lots of changes going on, in all aspects of my life. I'm letting things flow and trusting my soul. I'm shining my light, every inch of the way. 😃

Our Rose Of Sharon trees are all in bloom!
They are very tall. I was trying to get a good photo. Every year, I cut these trees down. It's amazing how much they grow. I guess they're very happy where they are! While I was taking photos, I noticed a little visitor.

It was my birthday on September 18th. I received a beautiful piece of art from a close friend. She's an amazing artist! Thanks so much Deb! I truly LOVE it!!!!
Do you remember this painting?
It has went through some changes!
It looks like this now and I'm still not finished.

Big Hugs! Keep Shining! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hi Everyone 😀
Happy September! Hope you're all well!
The nights are becoming longer and cooler! I can smell Autumn in the air!

Do you remember this painting?

It's finished, but before I show you the finished piece, I'll show you how it looked before. It went through a couple of changes!
The finished piece. 
"Unleash The Real You" "You Are A Star"
(11x14 Canvas)
This is another painting I'm working on. 
I'll leave you with some more pictures from Sedona 😃
Big Hugs ♥️