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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hi Everyone 😀
I hope you're all doing well and keeping safe and healthy!
I thought I would put Happy Baby Crow in my banner, to send you all a smile!

Well, basically everything has been shut down, except for "essentials". Our company closed all stores yesterday. Now, we are going into the store, when it's closed, to receive shipments, merchandise, clean, do store orders, etc. Only one of us is permitted to go into the store at a time. We are hoping to open up again by March 29th. But, things could change!

I know all of us around the world are going through the same things.

The grocery stores around in our area, are trying to put a stop to people buying 50 things of toilet paper at a time! Crazy!!!

I have to admit, the last few times I went out to the grocery store, everyone has been so nice!!! Not like when this first started. It was like being in a football game!

I haven't washed my hands so much in my life! LOL! I also didn't realize, when this all started, how much I touched my face!

We are going to get through this!

I did finish an ink drawing. 
Started with the eye.
Then added more detail.
Finished piece.
"Believe In Your Light" (9" x 12")

I have to share my new eye glass holder. I know so many of you love cats in blog land! 

I thought it was so cute! 

Please take care of yourselves!!! 

Big Hugs 😊

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Hi Everyone 😃
I hope you're all doing well! I know many of you are going through  a lot! I'm thinking of you!

I keep trying to get caught up in blog land and then I get behind again! But, I'm not going to give up! As long as you don't mind me running late, I will keep going!

Things are going well, just been busy and again, so much change going on within my life!
I've been planning my retreat for this year. Looks like I might be going away in June again! For a bit longer this time, but I still haven't got everything booked yet!

I've been doing an ink drawing for awhile now. When I get home, I've been doing it, little, by little. There is someone in my life, that has truly touched my soul. When I was doing this drawing, I was thinking of him. And, when I mean, touched my soul, I mean, help me see who I am. Help me heal. Help me be courageous. That's a tough one! I'm still biting my nails! LOL!

When I started this drawing, I concentrated on the eyes first. I wanted to show the comfort, and peace between the crows. They can be who they are truly meant to be.

From there, I expanded out in doing one of my "swirl" designs for the crows bodies and then had fun placing all the little details.

Incase you are wondering, there is no one "special", in my life right now. 😉

Love and Big Hugs!!!!!
I got this little cat image from Sandra's blog!  Thanks Sandra! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020 Everyone!
I hope you're doing well!
I wish you all good health, much love, and peace!

Some things I have learned along the way,
Believe in you and say the things to yourself, that you want to hear from other people. You are a bright shining star, Love You! You are worthy!

Time is short! Live for today! Stop thinking so much about the future! You might miss something!

Have no regrets! I have been honest about so many things on my blog. I know now, if I didn't go through what I did, I wouldn't be where I am!

In order to heal, you have to feel!

Love is the way!

Listen to your soul!

Just do it! Whatever is calling to you, do it!

Take care of you!

Here's to a great 2020!

I've started some paintings, but haven't finished any yet.
Some progress photos. 1st painting.
2nd painting.
I've actually started a 3rd one too, but I will share that one next time!

Big Hugs 🤗