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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o) Before I get talking, I have to warn you, this is going to be a long post. So grab a drink and get a comfortable seat ;o)
When I was looking in on all of you, I couldn't believe I was like 3 weeks behind in blog land! Ooops! So, I have been going through all your blogs! I think I am only like 5 days behind now. Hopefully tonight, I will be caught up ;o) I may not have commented on all your posts, but I have been there! Promise ;o)

This has been a year of many lessons! I think one of the biggest for me is letting go! I mean truly letting go! Your mind plays tricks on you! I didn't realize how much I love to control things, especially when I don't know what is going to happen! Then the fear sets in and I forget to live! When you let go and trust within your heart, it's a lot different, but it's so hard to do! You have to keep your mind from thinking! LOL! Letting go, having no fear, trusting, growing strong and admitting when you have done wrong and forgive ;o) I'm doing so much better ;o) Again, thanks to all of you! Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Guess what??? My art is up at "Daylyn". The special store I was telling you all about ;o) Welcome to Daylyn ;o) (make sure to click on the pics to make them bigger)
This is Emily and Julia ;o) The mom and daughter team that own this store ;o) Emily on the left. Julia on the right ;o)
Come take a look through the store ;o) I have to tell you, this store changes every week! It has changed since I took these pictures! You never get bored! I love it and you always feel welcome ;o)
Emily and Julia support so many of us local artists! In jewellery making, painting, knitting etc.
This is the wall of local artists, for art ;o)
Do you see me? LOL!
Thank you Emily and Julia for this opportunity! Both of you mean the world to me! And, thank you all out in blog land! You are all so special to me! What I am going to do, is have a giveaway ;o) 3 winners ;o) Open to everyone worldwide ;o) The giveaway will end Saturday November 29th and on Sunday November 30th, I will post the "3" names I pick ;o) Then I get to go shopping at Daylyn for the winners ;o) Yes, the 3 people I pick get something from Daylyn ;o) So much fun! The winners won't know their prize, until they open it ;o) So, if you want to be in this giveaway, tell me in your comment, because if you don't, you won't be entered.

Big Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It must feel wonderful to have your word "up there" for the world to see! This seemed like a lovely store!
    I want to enter the giveaway. I have never heard of a surprise giveaway! This is so much fun!

  2. So very proud and pleased for you! Wonderful group of work, I must say that the 4 in the center top are some of the best you have done!

    I wish we had a store like that here in my area, but the bible thumpers would tar and feather all involved and torch the store. I live in a repressed area :(

    And of course enter me in the giveaway!!!

  3. Definitely a year of lessons for me too! Let us hope next year is filled with good events and happy lessons! The store is lovely as is your art! Congratulations, you deserve it!

    Looove to be in the giveaway, please!

  4. I am so happy to see you back in blogland Stacy. I have been thinking about you!!!!! So much fun to see you in the store - that is so well deserved. Must take hours to see all the stuff they have there!!! Thank you for the tour!!! And yes, I would like to be in the giveaway. How exciting!!! All the best - and keep not thinking!!! Hugs!!!

  5. Are you kidding me I enter every contest ever, and your wall is so fantastic it's going to be bought out before you can give anything away, and that is so right. You can always draw more...and I will always say it, your Crows painting heal my pain , and I love you for it, I am so proud of you, and these two lady and daughter they're wonderful i wish they were nearer..wonderful of them, but hey they get the best, they get you...I'm in X10 still I'd pay for it but i'M AND SO PROUD OF YOUXOXOXOX

  6. That is an amazing store and I can see why you return again and again. I also understand why you call it your "feel-good store" because it is such an explosion of color and it must be such fun to browse in there.

    Stacy you are so generous and this is such an awesome store, so please enter me in your giveaway, too!

  7. Congrats on having your art up for display and sale at Daylyn -- it looks like a wonderful store, full of eclectic delights!

  8. Stacy...welcome back, sweet girl...we missed you!!!
    What a wonderful store and a lovely mother/daughter team to offer local artists a chance for their various talents to be seen! I think I could pick-out your fantastic crows anywhere. I love how your artwork has been displayed...very attractive and your paintings are gorgeous!!!
    I would love to be entered in your drawing...thank you! What a great idea!!!

    Lots of Hugs and Love

  9. Stacy so good to see you again! This is an amazing opportunity for you and I wish you much success! The store looks wonderful and your art fits into their overall theme so well! I'm sure you will sell lots! Of course I love presents, so please enter me in your contest! Stay warm my friend! Guy, Dot and I send you lots of hugs and cat kisses!

  10. I'm glad you're back and that everything is going well for you. I wish you many more blessings and great things. If you can, please enter me in the contest.

  11. OOhhhh I love seeing you art on that wall. I am sending selling energy for you. What a great looking store.
    Thank you for all the comments on my blog. I have been PC lazy as well. I just have so many things going and the last week of Dec. I am going to NC to be with my daughter and SIL. I can hardly wait. My stores will be close for most of Dec. I just need some time to get new things going.
    I am so happy that you are finding your way. How is your mom?
    Wishing both of you a happy holiday and the best in 2015
    And yes please enter me in the drawing!
    big hugs

  12. Hi,

    It's nice to meet you.. you do beautiful work!
    Come on by and visit us at;

    Have a great Thursday.

    Noodle and crew

  13. Wooow! What a great opportunity! I love how they displayed your paintings. :)

  14. So glad to hear that you are having some success at letting go. It sounds easy, but as you mentioned, totally not an easy thing to do. I struggle with it as well (maybe we all do, lol). This store looks amazing. I wish I lived around the corner. So happy for you that they are displaying your pieces. Please, please, please add me into the giveaway. :) Hugs my friend.

  15. Congratulations! This is fabulous news! The store looks wonderful!

  16. Yay, congrats again dear kindred.your art looks absolutely magical and fabulous there...shine on! Awesome store..very beautiful and spiritual! Thanks for all of the awesome pics!Wonderful and inspiring!
    HUgs and massive blessings on your journey always!

  17. This is such great news, Stacy! I know what you mean about the controlling things in our lives thing. I have been guilty of the same thing myself and YES it is very hard to let go of what you can't really control. I, too, try to trust in fate and the universe to balance things out sort of. ;o)

    Your art looks fantastic in the girls store! And yes, I would like to please be entered in your giveaway!

    Many blessings and much love to you always,


  18. Oh Stacey you are so sweet. I love your art on the wall and the store looks awesome. I don't want to be greedy because I have won your awesome art in the past but sure I'd love to win something. Glad your back! ;-)

  19. Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do. It doesn't matter if we are pushing away a bad thing or one that might feel good at the time--we always have to deal with the loss, and with that little voice that insists on saying that we fail at something. The trick is to stop listening at that voice, for most times letting go is winning big time.

    I LOVE your art at Daylyn. It just belongs

    We've missed you these last few weeks, I hope you know that. Just like you should know that we understood you needed some time.

    I'm sending you all kinds of loving hugs, to you and Mama Crow. Tell her that I've dreamed about her twice in the last two weeks. The three of us were making chilli and drinking exotically colored drinks. No idea what that was about, but it was fun.

    And of course, throw my name in for the giveaways. You know I can't resists these things. ♥

  20. WOW Stacy..........awesome your art is in a store that supports local artists - YAY YOU! Your crows look fantastic in the store! Of course, I'd love to enter your drawing..............

  21. Congratulations on having your work shown at the store. I'm so happy for you.

    It's so true about letting go. I'm still not so good about that, but I learned that when I work very hard for something, I usually don't get it. But some of the best things that happened in my life (such as my movie contracts or being offered my recent trips to Africa and France) were not something I planned for. Strange how life works sometimes.

  22. Dear Stacy, what a beautiful venue to show your beautiful crows! So happy for you! The store is just lovely. You must be so thrilled to be there! xoxo

  23. Hi Stacy, I'm spo very happy for you. Wow! Your work out there in a store for everyone to see, Awesome. You are a very talented artist. This is the first step to stardom. How very special for you. I will write soon..We have 24 inches of snow on the ground with melting temperatures this week end. Hi to Mom. Blessings to you both.

  24. Such a beautiful store...and your Little Crows look sensational there.
    Oh WELL DONE, you! I am so happy for deserve it so much.:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and Hugs xxx

  25. oh yes...enter me...i want it.

  26. Hi Stacy! I'm glad you are back in blogland. :) The brain is a funny thing. I think being aware of its workings for yourself is a big step in working with it. You collage of paintings looks so beautiful in the store! This definitely looks like a shop I would love. Wonderfully decorated and laid out!

  27. Glad to hear your letting go of what's holding you back so you can fill up with what will make you happy ~ you so deserve joy my friend ♡♡♡ What a great shop ! Hugs Willow

  28. Stacy wow!
    So excited for you and your amazing art! It's amazing to see your work on that wall.
    Love and blessings
    Please enter me!

  29. As you said, it's so hard to do, (letting go and trusting) but I'm glad that you are well on your way! It takes practice. I know I have set standards that I couldn't meet and let myself be too regimented. It's a good feeling to just let it go...

    Your harpist and Trust paintings jump off the screen, beautiful. The store and the owners look welcoming and relaxed, glad you have this oasis nearby.

    Hope you make a lot of people happy with your paintings, just viewing them alone will lift their spirits.

    Congrats on this new adventure! Keep painting and release your dreams...

    (Please include me in your giveaway.)

  30. Your art is very beautiful my friend.

  31. Stacy, how wonderful it is to see your art on the wall! It looks like a very unique and beautiful store, I am so happy for you! I would love to be included in your giveaway.

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  33. It is good to see you back on your blog and thank you for your visits. I had missed you. I love the look ofthe store, my kind of place to browse. I do so love to browse.
    Good luck with the art in the store.

  34. What a fabulous place for your art! How lucky they are to have your wonderful paintings in their shop. I'm thrilled for you!

    Isn't blogging great? You meet all kinds of people and really feel you know them and yes, I learned all kinds of stuff (and I'm still learning, but some of the learning is happening over on facebook!)

    Yes, please, I'd love to enter your giveaway, even though I feel wicked doing it, as I already have two (2!) of your wonderful paintings!

  35. oh WOW!!! your art looks fabulous on that wall!!!*as it does on mine*. Congratulations on this opportunity, and "freeing" yourself :D XXX

  36. Fantastic Ms Crow! You are amazing!
    Di X

  37. Wow my beautiful Crow friend! It's so wonderful seeing your art in a store! You have a great spot btw!!! It's nice to know that you are realizing what is happening with you, so for that is the understanding that I think keeps us from going crazy, lol!!! (talking from personal experience here). And having your post around the New Moon too! The timeout from blogland was short and probably well needed. Glad you are feeling better and have the excitement of your art & another wonderful, gracious giveaway too to look forward to. Oh yes, count me in on the giveaway! The store looks like it is full of so much cool stuff. I love stores like that.

    Letting go is so hard. I am dealing with that and wanting to be in control of everything I have absolutely no control over, so I feel ya! Big hugs & blessings to you my friend, Robin

  38. What a delightful shop! Such a fantastic concept and way of supporting local artists! I'm so happy to see your gorgeous artwork up on their wall, Stacy! ❤

    I won't enter the giveaway because you've already sent me a lovely gift, but the surprise prizes are such a fun idea. :) xo

  39. wow what an amazing store, they look such perfectly lovely happy people and your art looks like it was made to be at home there I'm sure you will do really well there. Looks like a perfect match, your Goddess spirit will truly fly there I'm sure. I would say Yes please include me in your giveaway but do remember I'm in England so you may not want to it's a bit expensive at the moment to post over here, blessings my lovely xxx

  40. I enter everything you show, I wish these two lovely ladies would open a store like that in my little town of Aylmer, Quebec (now of course part of Gatineau) boy would I buy

  41. Congratulations Stacy... you must be so excited.
    I am going to let others win as I just don't have room for any more pictures or art / decor, etc in my house. Someone will love what ever you pick for them!

  42. Congrats on getting your work into Daylyn. It looks like a pretty cool place to visit :)


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