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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice

Hi Everyone ;o)
It has been too long since I have posted! I hope you're all well ;o)

Happy Summer Solstice ;o)
The longest day and shortest night of the year ;o) The start of Summer ;o)
I wish you all many blessings ;o) Make sure to always smile and dance ;o)

My garden for mom has changed a little. I did take out one of the rose bushes and put in another one that is called Vanilla Spice. When the flowers come out, they are suppose to smell like vanilla. Should be fun ;o) And, I added red mulch, and some cherry quartz stones ;o) The part of Miss Purple is now on top of the bird feeder ;o) (click on pics to make them bigger)
Here is one of my pet red squirrels. He is praying, "Mom Stacy, please put out more sunflower seeds." LOL!
Big Hugs Everyone ;o) Enjoy the day ;o) (Don't laugh at my picture! LOL!)


  1. Hey girl I have missed you. I love your photo. You have the happiest face. I have been meaning to email you... sorry. GoT OMG right????? Your garden is amazing. I love the sun that shines there. I too am doing a bit of gardening and have figured out how to grow veggies for next year.
    Happy Solstice to you and your mom

  2. And to you as well, my dear friend! You have been quite the busy little bee! LOL! GREAT PIC OF YOU!! You are just too adorable!!!! Hugs, Kim

  3. Happy summer to you dear Stacy!!!!

  4. Stacy I LOVE your picture , you look so happy !
    I am a hat girl too .lol
    What a beautiful aura you have my friend .
    Your mom must be so pleased that you keep the garden looking good ~ and that little red squirrel ,so flipping cute !!
    Savor the Summer solstice and be joyful ( of course you always are).
    Tell mom we all said hello from the farm:)

  5. What? Laugh at your picture? No way! You are beauty and you look radiant out there in your garden. It looks amazing worked so hard!!!

    Sweet little squirrel creature. Yes...give him some seeds.

    Happy Summer! xo

  6. laugh?..i don't think so! you are so beautiful..a smile that warms my soul,sparkly eyes that your wonderful soul shines through!
    your garden is gorgeous!! a rose bush called vanilla spice? oh,i'd love that! i adore the scent of vanilla!!
    we have a pair of squirrels that live in the tree in our back yard..just this morning,i was looking out the kitchen window..they were chasing each other up,down and around the trunk and up into the branches and down again!!
    the longest day..oh,don't tell me that!! the grandkids are out of school for the summer,and i don't need a longer day!!!!! lol!!

  7. Happy Summer Solstice to you, too, dear Stacy...seeing your beautiful smile today only added to the sunshine :)

    Wonderful photos and so cute!!!

    Big Hugs

  8. Hey Stace,

    It's been too long but still keeping my toe in so to speak. Love your byline under the blog header. Finally it's summer all that complaining about the never ending snow seems a distant memory lol.

    Is that a piggie statue in the first photo? My eyes! I see a mask next to it, or do I need some more eyedrops? It looks beautiful and so do you. The feather is a little sassy.

    Hope you get lots of good gardening weather up north!


    1. Gloria, that's my piggie statue with wings ;o) Pigs can fly ;o)

  9. Nice the rose bushes made it! Hope those do end up smelling like vanilla - how wonderful! what a cute pet ... I bet he loves those seeds ... I know the squirrels and the chippies around here do!

  10. Hey gorgeous! I'd kill for those cheekbones, LOL! The garden is looking great! No wonder you are in such demand. I love Vanilla--you'll have to let me know if it really smells like it. Thanks for showing the red squirrel because I've never seen one!

  11. HI Kindred..beautiful picture of you...sweet kindred! that cute squirrel and your garden is wonderful!
    Happy Summer Solstice!

  12. Happy Solstice to you and Mama Crow. We had lavender lemonade and thimble cookies to set out for the fae and the day was such a lovely quiet one. Hope your Litha brought you peace, fun and all you desire. Oma Linda

  13. That squirrel is so cute! I love your Tender Heart painting in the side bar, it reminds me so much of my bird Issy, he is grey and green but he has that cheeky face and he totally steals my heart!

  14. Aww... you are so gorgeous! What a warm and pretty smile you have!! And your little squirrel friend is beyond cute! :D

    'Vanilla Spice' ~ I love the names they give roses. I remember being back in high school and my best friend's dad planted a rose called 'Strawberry Crush'. When we were bored at school, my friend and I used to imagine Strawberry Crush as a little retro, sixties-style nightclub! Hours of daydreaming entertainment! Haha.

  15. Your garden is just perfect, the sort of place one could just relax and dream. And you of course look lovely!!

  16. You have done a great job in the garden Stacy - looks so nice and cosy!!! And I love the photo of you!!! You shine - just like I think of you!!! You are beautiful - and I am proud of you!!!!

  17. Happy Summer Stacy! Your picture is beautiful. :) The vanilla scented flowers sound divine. That would make me hungry for sweets when walking by! The praying squirrel cracks me up!!! I hope you have an awesome week ahead.

  18. Oh I love your picture, are SO beautiful!

    I love what you are doing with your garden too...really wish I could smell that vanilla plant when it is in bloom. I adore vanilla!
    Yes...time for more sunflower seeds for that gorgeous little squirrell...loads more!! lol

    Hope your Solstice was a fabulous one.


  19. Why would anyone laugh? That is a stunning photo of you. I love it - you look like a goddess.

  20. It is indeed Summer Solstice, what beauty you share, the garden, the darling little squirrel, and the most beautiful, loving, gracious young woman I've ever seen xxxooo with a heart of Gold hugs always ;o) Stacy

  21. Happy Summer to you and mom. Summer is defiantly here, with just the right amount of rain. Your photo of yourself is really cute and love your hat. I hope this summer gives you good weather and happiness.

    Be well...

  22. Happy Solstice Stacy! Actually I was going to call about the roses... two of my bushes didn't return either. OMG that little squirrel is too cute! Oh and btw tell those fairies to bring back my hair tie!

  23. Lovely garden, especially with the squirrel in it. Enjoy your week.

  24. Happy Solstice (a little late!) I love your photo, you have such a great smile!

  25. teeee!!! The garden looks great!! The squirrel looks very happy. And your picture is so cute!! :D

  26. You look sweet and lovely! Your warm heart comes through in the photo. Sweet little squirrel photo too.

  27. Beautiful garden Stacy. And awww lol how fun to have a pet squirrel LOL We do not have any squirrels here, one thing I miss.

    Beautiful photo of you too!


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