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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're well!
I didn't realize I hadn't posted in awhile. It's been snowing here! Yeh! Yes, I love it and since we have hardly had any, I am going to enjoy it!

I had some more situations happen in the past couple of days. A person very close to me, was asking me if I had seen anything in my stones and crystals when I am meditating. Because, many of times I do. I might not understand my visions at the time, until something happens.

I had to explain, I have been seeing lots, but it's different now. I started to explain, about me loving myself. And, in doing this, I am becoming a better person. So, now when I do my stones and crystals, yes, I am putting myself first. Concentrating on me. But, when I think of other people, I am praying they find their ways and finding love within them. I said if anything shows up, it does, but it hasn't.

Well, what I thought was a positive conversation, for me trying to explain things, got turned upside down! I was told, I am only thinking of myself now. (Which I am not, I am just putting myself first.) I was told, I am not the same person! (Happy about that!) Negativity was thrown at me, that I am being selfish.

The conversation went on and I tried with all my heart, to explain, in very simple terms. It wasn't going anywhere. I was told, well it's too bad, because "he" really believed. I said, that is good, but more important, he has to believe in himself! Love himself! Well, then I was asked, who have you been talking to? That kind of made me smile. I guess I shouldn't have done that, because then I was asked, what are you smiling about.

The conversation ended and I was happy, I stayed calm.

The next day, I could hear sarcastic words being said, to another person, about what I had said. And, it really hurt. I was mad at myself, because I started to cry! I think what hurt so much, was because I love this person and I am so grateful for them. But, I took a deep breath, wiped my tears and said, I choose to be happy.

I went on throughout the day and by the end of it, it was like nothing happened between us. It was weird. I know in the future, something might be brought up again, but I am going to just keep loving myself and being me!

By the way, tomorrow February 11th, when I go out, things have changed a bit and I have to say, I really don't want to go! But, I do believe everything happens for a reason, so I have to go with the flow! What is that saying, "Resist and it will Persist!" So, wish me luck!

I have noticed changes! Certain things, I am not involved in anymore. And, other things, that are being pushed my way.

I thought this was going to be easy? LOL! But, I guess things have to change, since I am changing.

Seriously, thank you for letting me share this with all of you! You don't realize how much it means to me! I hope you don't get sick of me talking about this!

Oh, just a reminder, make sure you come by on February 14th, for the Vampire's Day Soiree! I wrote something. Not saying it's good! LOL! But, I tried! And, I am also giving away a painting! Here is a sneak peak!
Thanks again everyone! Big Hugs!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hi Everyone! Hope you're well! Happy February! The last few days, I realized, there are a couple of things, that I have to really work on. Things that I am continuing to do and they have to stop! So, I was thinking of my choice of words. I feel I am doing well, with the healing process I am going through on loving myself and accepting myself and others and "trying" to change old patterns, but like I said, there are two things that I am still struggling with. So along with saying, I choose, I am now saying, I commit! I truly commit to heal myself, to love myself, to accept myself, fully!

Once I make progress, I will share what the two things are, that I am working on!

Lots of times, when I am meditating, my mind takes me places, and while I am searching, I have to do things. Like my painting. So, I decided to paint the top of my dresser! LOL! I know this won't be for everyone, but I love the way it turned out!
Here are some close up pictures. I had to get a ladder, to look down on it. Too bad I couldn't get it in one photo!
I went to Value Village and found a cool plate for some of my stones and crystals. I think it looks excellent with my painting.
I have to admit, I didn't want to put anything on top of it. That's how much I loved what I created. But, for now I had to! Here are some pics, with my little treasures on top.
I know it looks like a lot, but it really isn't! LOL!
Hope you had some fun looking at my creation!
Big Hugs 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey Everyone!
I have to say thanks again! I read each and everyone of your comments over and over again. I see on this journey I'm going through, that many of you are going through it too. And, some of you have went through it and are giving me some great advice! All of you have touched my soul with what you say!

I am so fortunate to have such a special group of friends around me! And,  when I say friends, I mean that! I know so many people say, you can't really have friends over the internet. Well, I say bullshit!

Last night, I kept thinking, in order for all this change to take place, every situation that I deal with, has to change. Especially, if it is a situation, that has repeated itself.

Well, today, something else happened. A couple of little situations happened, but I kept my cool and just kept repeating to myself, Stacy, I love you. Then, a major situation happened. A situation that has happened before. It was like an out of body experience! I knew what all the words and flare ups would be. And, then it was put on me. (before, I would have yelled and argued and felt sorry for myself.) I will be honest, I wanted nothing to do with this. But, I believe everything happens for a reason, and I have promised myself, to try to do everything with as much positivity as I can in my life now. No more poor me's! So, I agreed to it.

Before I tell you anymore, I have to say, I have been seeing a lot of repetitive numbers around, like 11, 222, 333, 444, and so on. But, mostly forms of groups of 11. I've been reading about this too. Very interesting and all good.

Anyways, during this all happening, I thought ok, I will make it an excursion. Who knows what will happen. It will be a great day. I know this in my heart, because I am on the right path.

I didn't know which day, this excursion was going to take place yet. The appointment was made and I was told the date. When I heard the date, I smiled inside and said, thank you. The date is February 11th!!!!

Again, I have to say, I am proud of myself. I didn't make excuses, or played the poor me card (like another person did or what I would have done before). I have faced it head on! And, I was awarded with my February 11th date! Hurray! LOL!

There is one other thing, I am slowly working on, and once I get really on track, I will be sharing it! Well, two things, I have to stop with the nail biting! I was doing well, but then today happened! I'm taking everything one day at a time! I know everything won't change over night!

Enough about me! LOL! I have some new aceo's (2.5" x 3.5") to show you! I had a lot of fun creating these! Enjoy!

"Mummy Baby Crow"
"Roasting Marshmallows"
"Picking Flowers"
"First Kiss"
Big Hugs!!!